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Ambient lighting mk3 focus


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Hello all, I have a 2015 Mk3 focus titanium with ambient lighting that is red.


i wanted to change this to blue so bought some LED 501 bulbs on eBay that fit the boot fine. Went to the footwell assuming these are the same and have an LED on a small board.


Anyone know how to change these to blue?


thank you!


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1 hour ago, Abbadon said:

I am not sure all Titanium have variable colour and brightness - i thought that was TitaniumX (or extra option) only?

Yep, that's correct.  Colour changing is only standard on the Titanium X.  Red only on the Titanium.

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On my 3.5 the wiring is there and the pins are present but no PCB. It’s a 3 pin setup, does anyone know what the 3 wires are, why are there 3? If I knew what the wires were then I would splice into them and fashion my own setup

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They might be R G B, but usually this would have 4 wires, Red, Green, Blue and earth,  so its more likely power, signal and ground, signal being control line to set a colour using canbus or similar?

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