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mk2 Focus Noises


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Hi All,

So iv been having some weird noises of late with my Focus. It first started with a loud kind of whining noise anytime I went over 40km/h and went off when turning. After much hassle i eventually got it looked at by a decent mechanic who changed the hub bearing. The good news is that solved that issue but after that I started hearing new noises.

1: strange whining (similar to the whine of the hub bearing) at slow speeds or turning left. Over the last week (mechanic said to slam on the breaks) if noticed that it now comes on when i press on the breaks, im thinking that this might be the brake pads but open to other ideas

2: even with the whining of the hub bearing i notice on hard lock at slow speeds that the car felt like it was pulling or jumping with a knocking noise (it still doing this) kinda feels like something is being pulled out of place during the turn. While I was sitting in traffic today I started turning the steering wheel (ya know to pass the time...) and heard a knocking noise when the wheel is turning to the left. Sounds like its coming from inside the car but i dont know for sure. This is driving me utterly mad.


Could anyone give me some idea what the heck is going on? Any help is greatly appriciated



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