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Advice on selling my Fiesta


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hi everyone (Mods please delete if this isn't allowed, I won't be offended :) ) 

I have a 2008 Ford Fiesta Ghia 1.6 automatic (Navy with cream leather interior).  It's in full running condition apart from the fact there is no heating.  Much to my mechanics frustrations, everything he's tried is not helping and it continue to blow/stop working.  I am having to accept its costing me a small fortune to repair and I've been advised to sell it privately before getting a new car.  

The problem is I have no clue how much my car is worth especially as I will sell it with the clear explanation of the heating being an issue.  

Can anyone guide me in the direction to find rough prices or guide me on a rough cost?  OR if you have an idea what to look at next to fix it ideas would be welcome :) 

Thankyou in advance :) 

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Without knowing what the mechanic has tried I couldn't tell you what to do next. The usual culprit is the heater control valve. If he has tried the obvious and hot coolant is entering through the firewall, I'd have to say the heater matrix might be blocked.

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I’ve had the blower replaced last year, two thermoresistors that last 1-3 days each time.  The fuse blows whenever we replace it now so I’ve not replaced it again. 

Its cost a small fortune to date so going to sell it but not sure how I explain the fault! 

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