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Fiesta 1.4tdci


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First of all, i'm sorry for my bad english. I hope you understand. 


I own a '05 fiesta 1.4tdci 68hp and i am a little worried, last night i got stuck in snow and i called a friend. He took the wheel and i tried to pull out the car from the behind. We get out from the snow but i'm worried because he redline it (like 5000rpm) for a few seconds in the first gear. What should i expect now? Any damages? I really hope everything it's ok because i really love this car. And for me that car have more a sentimental value. 


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I wouldn't worry about it. If there are difference in the engine after that then I'd worry. I've accidentally red lined my previous car for about a second twice. Once I was turning around and tried to rush as I saw someone coming. The other time I was parking up the kurb. Didn't notice any difference in the engine but obviously its not good. 

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There's nothing wrong with the occasional red line as long as the engine's warmed up lol. If it did that much damage the revs would be more restricted (hence the red line being there in the first place).

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