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Minor bump - F&R Parking Sensors say ‘Malfunction’


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Posting this on behalf of my daughter who had a low-speed bump at a roundabout last night.

Fiesta Titanium ‘14 plate  

 Minor damage to front grille (cracked) and a small ‘tear’ (approx 2cm) in the front bumper and some scuff marks  However, both front and rear parking sensors are not working now and the display says ‘malfunction’.

Any ideas as to whether this will be fairly simple to fix or would be an expensive trip to a Ford dealer?  Obviously not a straightfyquestiin to answer as you don’t know exactly what damage has been done.

Might a third-party garage be able to sort this?  My daughter doesn’t have much spare cash  

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Folks,

Thanks for the replies. Rather not go down the insurance route if it can be avoided  It was on the last day of the policy with a different insurer (so a new insurer the day after the bump) so possible complications there  

Prefer to DIY if simple but may have to take it to a local garage.

If the bump has broken one of the sensors I have a few questions ...

1) Would a single broken front sensor stop both front and rear sensors working?

2) Would disconnecting the single ‘broken’ sensor enable the others to work?

If the Park Pilot system not work at all without all sensors connected and working ...

3) Are they easy to get hold of (and if so, does anyone have a part number at all?)

4) My daughter’s car is Moondust Silver - do the sensors come pre-painted (I’m guessing not) anf if not, are they relatively easy to do?

Thanks in advance,


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