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Interesting ABS fact


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There are some interesting points in the MOT manual that most people would not realise are there. I came across this today which says that if your ABS is showing a fault that fails the MOT, you can just rip out the ABS of car older then 2010.   (I know that means joining up the pipes unscrewed from the ABS unit, but if the ABS unit is knackered and price of new or availability of 2nd hand or recon ABS unit is tricky then it might be a worthwhile solution).  Not intending to start a debate on if this is wise. Friend has 2002 BMW 325 which predates compulsory ABS but it has ABS and he had to pay loads of money for replacement ABS pump for the MOT on a car that is not worth much. 


(in section 1.6)

If the ABS has been intentionally rendered inoperative, the whole system must be removed. This doesn’t apply to sensor rings or other ABS components which are an integral part of another component, such as a brake disc or drive shaft.

It's not permissible to remove or disable the ABS from a vehicle first used on or after 1 January 2010.

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