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Warranty Sync 2 to 3 Upgrade "not possible"


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So with my ongoing battle over my Sync 2 10 speaker system and my centre/sub Speakers constantly cutting out after having software fixes applied to try and fix the random white noise issue which has been widely reported globally on other forums.. Ford Technical are telling my case handler that it is not possible to replace Sync 2 with Sync 3 due to some compatibility with software and other modules in the car.

Obviously there are guides etc for doing this yourself, but why should I have to spend out that amount of money to self-remedy a problem that should have been fixed under warranty almost 2 years ago?

They are now going to send a specialist Sync engineer to look at the car after having technical staff witness this, having the touch screen replaced twice, a new head unit, new Speakers, wiring replacements and many wiring checks.

I have also had a comment on one of my videos that I shared on YouTube that this is a software bug in Sync 2.

Is this just a cop out? Can anyone offer any advice?

Thank you,


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17 hours ago, iantt said:

Sync 3 can be retrofitted by dealers as , a kit  of parts is listed for focus RS customers who want to upgrade. 

Any chance you can provide me some official documentation privately for this so I can go back to them? You work for a Ford dealer don't you?

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Considering how much market share their p1ss poor flabby American focused cars have cost Ford in the last 5 years in all EU markets (Mondeo, Edge, Kuga etc) and their poor reputation for customer service, I still find myself wonder WTF is Ford's medium to long term game plan. :withstupid:

In cases where they genuinely can't get to the bottom of an issue but could offer something superior to the original equipment as a solution, why not just do it and leave someone shouting from the rooftops about how amazing Ford were at fixing a tricky issue.  It's not like the parts required for this potential solution will cost Ford anything like what they charge "us" as joe public or a dealer, and as I mentioned in the beginning Ford have massively hurt their now old USP about being focused driver's cars, it's not so easy to say what Ford stands for these days. :wacko:

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A little update. Following my last call where I passed over the TSB number issued for RS owners to upgrade I have been still denied it is possible, followed by them contacting the RS Sync 3 team to then have it be denied again.

They are still claiming some difference in the RS that makes this upgrade possible only specific to that car.

The problem clearly lies in the software, and judging but a comment I received on one of my YouTube videos the problem is the touch screen which of course running Sync 2/Windows is not being developed anymore.

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I agree after this agro an upgrade or some compensation is reasonable...

however the idea a dealer would improve a car (for any reason, at any cost) isn't something I can ever see happening, even if your name was Mr Ford, so they fact they are saying you can't, may well have NO bearing of whether it's physically possible and lots to do with go away we don't care

my advice would be get a 1k cheque for the agro (add up every cost of time off work, petrol and time to take the car in, time without your pride and joy etc.) then do the job yourself.  That way it'd be fixed in 55 minutes not 2 years

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On 12/18/2018 at 9:24 PM, 1979Damian said:

it's not so easy to say what Ford stands for these days

Fix Or Repair Daily. :biggrin:

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