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2009 Mk2.5 Focus keys


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My brother just bought a 2009 Focus 1.8tdci but it only has one key (a flip key). I have read loads of stuff on the internet about whether a normal person can program a new 2nd key when they only have one working key. But a lot of it is conflicting and I think there is a lot of confusion about the immobiliser chip versus the remote buttons on the key fob.

So only having one key is not a good idea.  What is the cheapest way we can get a 2nd working key?  not really bothered if it has no remote buttons on it, but it needs to turn in the locks and work with the immobiliser as it's just going to be an emergency 2nd key..    I do have a windows laptop with Forscan (free version) on it.

help/advice please

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On earlier Fords you could add extra keys (up to the total of 8) but only by unlocking the learn mode with 2 original keys (as a security measure).

Unfortunately you can't on yours.

All keys need to be added using an IDS handset or using Forscan and a modified ELM327 interface.

The easiest (but not neccessarily cheapest) way is to sound out some local auto locksmiths.

Don't go to a Ford dealership as they'll charge double.

Some people use Timpsons but the key is just a clone and can cause problems with the immobiliser system as the key isn't recognised as a unique key.

My advice to anyone nowadays is never buy a car with just one key, always demand a second key (especially from private sellers as they may fleece you and steal the car to re-sell to someone else or it could be a hire car that they have no right to sell) and always check that both keys work properly in case they give you a random spare key to see you off.


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Hi, I do have Forscan on my laptop and have a modified ELM thing from tunnelrat electronics.

I do find Forscan very confusing and complicated but I guess people who have used it a lot know their way around it.

The price (but it does have a certain scruffyness about the car) and my brother's need to buy a car very quickly meant that it was worth buying even knowing that there was only one key. In certain circumstance I might be worried that the seller might keep a key to steal car back or it might not be his to sell but I am sure there is no risk of that on this transaction. Visited house, that address on V5, owned by him for 6 years. the 'very much used' appearance of the car.  It's not like a stunning car he was selling at a price that was too good to be true. 

Anyway, thanks for response, as you have said Forscan can do it, I have done a bit more googling specifically around Forscan and feel slightly confident that I have found enough stuff that explains to me how to do it.  

Next task is to buy a blank key that will work (so many comments about cheap chinese rubbish ones that won't do it)

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OK thanks, my understanding is that the extended licence is free. I did not realise it is time limited, can you get it free again in future or is it just free first time?

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1 hour ago, isetta said:

can you get it free again in future or is it just free first time?

A note from the Forscan Admin team, buried in a long thread:

"Licensing policy development is still in progress. At this moment only 2m trial license is available. If it is expired, you can get new in the same way as the first one. "

That was dated 2014, but I have not seen anything to show it has changed.

It should be possible to add a key without having to erase all keys. Attempting to start the car with the new key before programming it should give an error code (DTC), which Forscan can read, and should distinguish between a valid key that is not yet stored in the car, and a duff or invalid key that is no use. This can be dome before entering any of the PATS procedures, or even getting the license.

Some locksmiths do not like cutting blades other than their own. They claim, probably rightly in a few cases, that some cheap keyblades are too hard and damage their cutters. Maybe the best bet is to get one from an eBay seller with a good reputation that can cut the blade from a good photo of an existing key.

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Hi, yes I was aware that it can be tricky getting key cut by someone who is not supplying it. I did notice that they can be done from photo. I don't know anyone who has bought one that way so I don't know if it is generally felt to be high % successful.

I will report back on how I get on with it all, but it might be a while.

If anyone can recommend from first hand experience a particular eBay seller who has supplied key (with the electronics in it) and / or cut a blade from photo please tell me their eBay id. Thanks


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