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I broke the central lock


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Good evening.
I have a 2005 Ford Fiesta with frame number WFOHXXWPJH5G23521
I would like your help on a technical problem I have.
I tried putting an aftermarket central locking on my own.
I found the two cables  on the central board under the steering wheel that lock the left and right doors with grounding
 and here I did the stupidit to give the one stream and to the other   one grounding causing a spark and stop working the central locking and the button that opens the bonnet from inside.
he did not blow any security anywhere.
nor the one that shows the layout of the car that it is for the central locking.
I went to a craftsman the next day He made  it work only with the aftermarket central locking
 without the aftermarket central locking  manually locks only one door and it does not light the bonnet  button when I open the lights but neither does the button work when I press it like she did before.
the craftsman told me that either I burned the central locking board or the "locks".
i found another  central locking board  with code 4S6T-15K600-BB like the one I wear put on but it did not work the central locking
the next estimate is that I've burned all my locks
could you tell me if you know what exactly can be done.
could you tell me which code central locking   I should look for in used ones
any help you would have been valuable
pleasantly very filippos

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