Where are the Fuel & Catalyst Temperature Sensors located on Fiesta MK4 1.2 Zetec?

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Hello Ford fans and experts!

I am currently battling a few engine management related problems with my 2002 Fiesta MK4 1.2 Zetec.

The latest problem is that the car will start, engine management light comes on, and although it idles fine it won't accept any input from the throttle.  In fact, pressing the throttle causes the idle to dip and sometimes the engine will stall.

I have reviewed the DTCs.  There are some pending DTCs for the throttle position sensor, but the ones causing the engine management light to illuminate appear to be two codes: P0181 Fuel Temperature Sensor and P042A Catalyst Temperature Sensor.

The first thing I want to do is get under the bonnet and take a look at these sensors and especially any connection looms that are associated with them.  My problem is locating these sensors.  I've googled around to no avail.  Does any member here have information related to the location of these sensors in the engine bay?

Many thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge!


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