Mk4 problems with USB/sync 3

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Hi all

I got a brand new focus about a month ago and I love it! Since I’ve had it though, I keep getting the occasional error with sync 3/USB. The error in the attached pic comes up as soon as I start the car, no phone plugged in at all. I can’t see any more of what it says. It works after about 3-4 mins, but this is irritating if I’m in any sort of rush. I can’t mess about plugging my phone in while I’m driving. The cable I’ve been using is a spare Apple cable I’ve got, so it’s not a bad cable. I’ve tried other cables as well though and no change. I’ve tried both USB ports and still getting the same error.


The car is on lease, so I have to go through one company to then get through to the dealer, which is a pain. I thought i’d ask you guys first if anyone had any ideas before doing that. I’ve searched online for this error and can’t seem to find anything.




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Your car is under warranty. Book it in with a Ford dealer.

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