Gosh I've missed you lot!!

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Well howdy!

It's been a while and I can only apologise!  No real reason other than life... Y'know!

Hoping everyone is doing well and that 2019 has gotten off to a great start for you all!

Pleasantries out of the way, back to modding!!!

A mod Ive been meaning to do for ages is heated seats - @madmole has a tut up here for a generic retrofit which is awesome, but it looks like the kit I bought has different wiring than his. 

With that in mind, before I start, coupla questions. 

I need to tap into:


battery pos

battery neg (easy grounding points all over the car so not a problem)

Ignition live and

Nighttime lighting


And I need to find all these in and around the centre console and seats as the provided harness ain't long enough to get to the footwell fusebox. 


Any ideas chaps and chappettes?

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battery Pos, almost any fuse in passenger footway

Ignition Pos, fuse 86

Nighttime lights, easiest would be the submarine lights in the Passenger footwell

As you say, plenty of grounds everywhere

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