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Parts advice please.


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Hi there. 

First post as I'm a bit green when it comes to this stuff. I've got a 2011 plate Focus Sport 1.6 TDCI. The alternator has gone and the AA fella says that the turbo is "whining" too. I've dropped it off at my local garage who are very good and I have been going to them for years. AA say that a new alternator and turbo are going to set me back about a grand which I don't have at the moment! 

I've been on eBay and seen breaker parts for much cheaper (£70 and £150 respectively). Is this a viable option; buying the parts from breakers and getting the garage to fit them? Really hoping to save myself a fortune! 



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Wow...that's an optimistic quote! 😮 

A used (but tested & warrantied) alternator should be absolutely fine, they don't go wrong that often tbh and are easy enough to test.  You could also check the price of a new one on places like carparts4less as it's probably not that much.

Turbo on the other hand, isn't worth buying used.  Turbo's suffer from internal wear that can't necessarily be easily seen or felt.  With the turbo's on this engine being notorious for frequent failure I really wouldn't risk a used one.  Turbo's do whine a bit as normal, unless you're losing boost or can feel a lot of play in the turbo, I would suggest not replacing it for now.

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