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4 minutes ago, TangoDaz said:

What do you drive ? 

Mk6 Golf currently.  It's only a stop gap after making a huge mistake buying a Mk3 Focus though, been after a Mk3.5 Titanium for months, just waiting for one in budget!

Used to drive a Mk2.5 Titanium with X pack.






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Shorter aerial and crack the lights open and get rid of any of the chrome that isn’t required for the bulbs to function properly, what about colour coding the door handles?

nice looking car you have there

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11 minutes ago, TangoDaz said:

My son thinks  bronze would look good. 

Yeh would suit that Color. How about a splitter you can either go for an expensive zetec s one or a cheap rhino lip style one [Like this] both just as effective. The cheap one fits perfect with plenty left over.

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1 hour ago, TangoDaz said:

Hi it’s been some time since I was last here and the car has change s bit. Looking for recommendations what to do next. 



Car is loking nice Dar'. Keep the alloys silver mate, it sets of the colour of the car off imo.

I've more or less finished my exterior mods, still have my ST headlining to install, just no time to install, also going to be fitting 300 mm front discs when mine need changing.


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35 minutes ago, F0CUE said:

Did you go with the st headliner cos it's black? And was it a pain to install?

The headliner is not to bad to install just need to take your time with the trim parts and an extra pair of hande can come in useful. 

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