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Hi everyone. 


Sorry if this has been posted in the wrong section, been a member for a while, just never posted. Thanks for all the help so far I’ve found!


I purchased a 2006 2 litre automatic Ghia focus a few days ago, has 77k miles. Had a few problems that I’ve fixed, (needed new radio (just replaced it with an 08 standard focus radio) , headlights fixed etc) I’ve done all of that. (bonnet key barrel just spins) so it’s very tedious trying to open the bonnet, have to be slow and turning left right and eventually the bonnet pops up, that’s one problem I need to fix, if any help can be given I’d appreciate, as I said the whole barrel spins (when I turn the key) and pushes in when the key is inserted ??


Second problem,


Currently when stationary the car viberates, through the wheel and feels from the passenger front side, if I put it in neutral the viberation stops.


Could this be my wheel alignment/tracking? I’ve got it booked in tomorrow to be checked and to see whether it’ll stop the viberation, or could it be the advisory on my MOT that states  “

Monitor and repair if necessary (advisories):

  • Front Brake disc worn, but not excessively (1.1.14 (a) (i)) “

The previous owner states he “replaced” the bushes? Or something, and gave me a bag with the “old” ones in  


Apart from that it runs so smooth and fine, no problems with it except these problems I’ve stated, oh and my arm rest too part has snapped at the hinges, will probably super glue them back on?


also, my radio says “aux” but when I’ve looked at the back of the radio there is no where to plug an aux in to run through the glovebox? Can anyone help? I’ve only got one hole at the back and that’s for the black cube connector that all the wires are in, I can’t seem to find the aux input, looked all around the radio back sides etc, glovebox, armrest? 


lastly, are the steering wheel and cruise control buttons etc supposed to light up? Mine work, just don’t light up seems strange? Everything else works and lights up inside


thanks for any help!!



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