MK6 1.4tdci Inlet manifold cleaning?

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Hi everyone, 

I've been doing some work on my nephew's friends MK6 (57 plate) 1.4 tdci fiesta.

I'm just on replacing the injector seals, but noticed the air inlet manifolds are seriously clogged with a build up of oily carbon, as is the plastic inlet manifold which is part of the rocker cover. 

I plan on gently cleaning the inlet manifold to the engine while using a vacuum to "hopefully" remove the dirt. But i'm wondering how i can clean the inside of the manifold that is part of the rocker cover? as I'm not familiar with this engine, i cant see any way of taking it apart without breaking it, so was wondering how i can clean it and if there is anything inside that could be damaged if i'm too aggressive with it?

All help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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there is someone on here called zain who did this on his 1.6tdci and showed photos / methods etc. I am not sure how much the 1.6tdci varies from 1.4tdci in this respect

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I've cleaned the inlet manifold while I was replacing the fuel return lines on a mk5 2005 tdci. I've used a high-pressure water cleaner on a public car washing facility. A lot of dirt was removed this way.

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