Reg Hill

Focus mk2 rear wiper wiring problem

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I have a problem with rear wiper not returning to park position on my 2006 Focus 1.6. There is no constant live feed. No broken wires in hatch area.  After several hours of removing trim panels and trying to trace the source of the wiring problem, I have found a relay in the rear wheel arch that was taped to the harness just before the connector C58 to the tailgate harness. Looks like a modification (recall possibly ?). The wire that is supposed to be constant live is live on the front side of the realy but not the other. Does anyone know anything about this ? Havent tested the relay actuator feed yet as It was getting dark. If that's live then I'll just replace the relay but if not then I don't have a clue where that wire comes from. There's no mention of it in the wiring diagram (that I can find anyway). It's a small green and blue wire.

If anyone has any insight into this I'd be most grateful.

Many Thanks.


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