2007 Ford fiesta 1.4 tdci, starts but no revs? Various lights on dash.

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Hello, so car starts, but will not rev? 

Lights appear on dash (see picture) 

Engine management light and ABS light.

LCD screen full of dashes. (No numbers) 

Even the electric windows will not open? 

(Also there has been a drop of brake /clutch fluid from the resivour recently too had to it up)

Any ideas? 


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You need to get the codes read, impossible to say with out that information to point in the right direction, you can do it yourself with a free download called Forscan and a modified ELM connector like this dont bother with the cheap ones off ebay and the like, you will need to download drivers for the ELM they are on another part of the tunnelrat site, you will need a laptop too.

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Thanks for the tip(s) pragmatic, much appreciated. 

Interestingly enough,. I turned the key in the inigtion back and forth several times and the car makes a beep (as if you were to programme a key) and somehow stopped the the lights from displaying? Have I reset the ECU some how? 


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