2015 Mondeo Titanium X BLIS question

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Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help m. 

I have a 65 plate Ford Mondeo Titanium X and it has BLIS (Blind Spot Information System)

I was led to believe that Ford cars with BLIS in them has the Cross traffic Alert system, but I do not see any option to enable/disable it in my instrument cluster. 

My other half has a 2017 Ford Focus and there is an option to enable/disable Cross Traffic Alerts, but I don't see it in my car. 

I know I saw Cross-Traffic Alerts pop up once when I bought the car, but after that I never seen it since, mainly because I reverse into parking spots, but now with an infant on board, I drive into parking spots so having Cross-Traffic alerts would be useful when reversing out but I never seem to be able to get them to work. 

The orange lights pop up when i am driving in my wing mirrors so I know BLIS is working. Has anyone else seen anything like this? 

Was Cross-Traffic Alerts always part of BLIS or was it added in at a late point? 

Is there a software update that an be applied to my Instrument Cluster?

Yours hoping!

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