New Mondeo Mk3 Owner couple questions

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Hi, I've just acquired a 2003 Mondeo 2.0 Diesel Estate and had a couple questions.

Is there anywhere I can get hold of a Manual for the car and the radio as it doesn't have one and the one online with Ford doesn't work property.

The Radio is a Sony CD 6 disc, it has a phone button which just mutes it. Im guessing there is no bluetooth in the car, Has anyone retrofitted it?

What key is used to unlock the plate covering the wheel nuts? I've tried a hex 5 which is too big, and the hex 4 seems to be too small and cant find one in the car anywhere. Can anyone help with this too?


Many thanks 🙂


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Every 6cd comes with the phone buttons, but as you've found out it just mutes the stereo if you dont have the bluetooth module. I believe the module is the same one fitted to the focus (and every other Ford with the 6cd player style head unit) and is a fairly easy retrofit.

I'm not sure about the wheel nut cover, I couldn't find any on Google for the mondeo. However I'd imagine it wouldnt be too tight on there. Whenever I cant get an Allen head screw off I usually hammer in a torx bit (this works really well actually).

Other times when I've been without an Allen key set I've got a metric bolt (M6 for example, which has a 10mm head), screwed two nuts onto it and locked them together. You then use this as a 10mm Allen key lol. In your instance you would file the flats on the head to suit the screw you're trying to get out. Bit of a PITA, but got me out of a pinch before where I didnt want to sacrifice an Allen key and had no imperial ones around.

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