Injection and power problem

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My Mondeo mk3 diesel 2 litre car has developed a serious issue. Symptoms are glow plug light was flashing as well as a constant engine management indicator on. I was able to drive for about another 45 minutes but problems started to escalate. First of all the car lacked power. Struggled to get above 50 mph on a country road. Later on in the day when trying to start it up it failed. Eventually managed to get it going by holding down the accelerator. Loads of white smoke emitted from the exhaust. Continued to lack power however. Got into garage where they replaced the glow plug and installed a fuel injector i believe. They said it still lacked power. Then just yesterday they said it would not start and he seemed to indicate that it maybe too costly to fix as more diagnosis required. 

Anybody got any clue as to what might be the answer or would I have to call it a day on it?



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Well, not heard from OP since, so I guess it was curtains for his Mondy. White smoke from a diesel usually means unburnt diesel due to  either overfuelling injectors or low compression on 1 or more cylinders. So a compression test is needed to nail that. 

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