Mondeo built in sat nav

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I have connected in to my home wi fi and checked the sat nav for updates and it reports that it is current. Problem is the map is pathetically out of date, at least 2 years! Does anyone know whether any third party updates are available?

If not who can I have a whinge at...?

Just checked and it says I have navigation maps version EU 4 14

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You need to go to     and enter you VIN  and download any Sync and Map updates onto PC  then unzip to flash drive then load into vehicle. If your saying you checked for updates via Sync unit and WIFI  from car you should know that feature doesnt work in UK of rest of Europe.


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It comes down to 2 things.

What version of sync are you running?

if sync 2 - then its about 2-3 years out date latest and runs on a SD card.latest is F7
If sync 3 - it is about 2 years old.  There is talk that there will be an update later this year after ford found a fault and had to stop the latest roll out.
As Comares said you can check this from the ford website and that will give you the information.  At this present time in the UK you can not update your sysnc system by wifi.  Can only be done by download to USB and installing it in the car and follow the instructions you will see on the website

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