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Hi I have a 2014 Ford Mondeo Estate, It's not got the sony sound system (I think it's just the standard one with the basic touch screen). I've not long got it and setup the Bluetooth fine to use my contacts and play music from my phone, however me and my wife have just put together music folders on a USB stick and when it's plugged into the car it says the USB is not Supported.

The USB is a 64GB SanDisk stick, however I tried a 4GB stick with a few songs on and it was fine.

Does the Mondeo system it have a max capacity stick it will accept (i,e 16GB/32GB)? or is it just unlucky that it's that USB it randomly doesn't like?



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Never mind I figured it out myself, but if anyone wants to know for the future:

The car only recognises FAT32 formatted devices, if a device is over 4GB you can't format it to FAT32 using Windows default Formatting tool. So using this article I was able to find this simple tool that allows you to format a USB device over 4GB to FAT32.

This sorted my problem and the USB that wasn't supported now is.

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You can format any stick up to 32GB with FAT32 using Windows 10 (and going back to 98se as far as I remember).

If you want to store an individual file on that 32GB stick that is more than 4GB in size then you have issues and would need the likes of exFAT and NTFS.

Your issue, as you have found, is formatting a 64GB stick to FAT32 is not so straight forward but is indeed needed for the Mondeo.

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