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Rear wheel alignment

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I have a 2016 Ford Mondeo estate I am exprencing a  bit of tyre noise  from the rear does the mondeo have adjustable rear wheel alignment 


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They should be adjustable. You should be able to find somewhere with a laser type wheel geometry system ( not a tracking system) who would normally offer a free check and then you just pay for each adjustment if required. My Ford dealer used to check my car every time it went in for a service.

Before you go though, what tyres are on the car and are they wearing evenly? are they low on tread? My MK4.5 had Bridgestone Pontenza 050 tyres as standard and they became quite noisy when the tread was low. Then a pair of Pirelli Nero GT tyres got noisy and started to feather, but then sorted itself out and eventually wore evenly (never got those again!)


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