No audio Sony stereo

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Hi I’ve got a problem with my stereo in the car. Not sure if it’s actually related to the unit itself or the Speakers. As far as I’m aware it’s a sony 3gen?

ive got no sound coming through the stereo at all. Stereo works fine I.e powers on but displays ‘no audio’...which I can’t find anything online about for that specific message. voice control works as in turns on but does nothing/no sound. Can’t bring up the radio when radio button is pushed although it finds my iPod and starts playing that but no sound. Did a speaker test which failed.

Also I get no sound from the parking sensors even though the button is lit up and seems to work just no sound. I’ve checked fuses which all seem to be fine. My battery has just been replaced as The last one was on its way out, I started having issues around then. The radio starting popping and crackling and went off, came back on and did the same thing again. Had the battery changed and was working fine for a week then has gone into this mode and stayed that way for around a month and a half now. I’ve attached a pic of the exact same stereo I have. It’s just a screen shot from a internet search for reference..not an actual pic of mine.

Its starting to irk me! I’m a female and yes, it sounds a bit sexist but I don’t know much about cars but I learn things as I go along lol i do have a male in the household who has a bit of knowledge but needs guidance haha! is there anything I can further inspect to pinpoint a possible problem? Just don’t want to have to take it into ford to get it checked if it’s something we could possibly find a solution to first. Like maybe a factory reset? It’s never asked for a reset code even though the battery has been disconnected multiple times for extensive periods. Can I force reset it to restore to factory settings? Could that possibly help? Also just a side note, not sure if it’s related but there’s a buzzing/humming sound coming from the steering wheel just under the dash when ignition is on that seems to have gotten a little louder since the battery replacement. I read that could be a sensor though? 

anyway any help would be appreciated!

thanks in advance.


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