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Hi all,

about a month ago I purchased a Mk3 mondeo st tdci with 96k on the clock and I love it. I owned a golf because and this pull so much better it’s fully standard but I’m wanting to do some mods to it and hopefully have it running 190ish bhp.

any suggestions would be grateful regarding tuning and mods



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hello and welcome, i've just moved from VAG to Ford too, the wife has a mk5 golf gttdi with 140bhp, i was quite surprised just how much more pull the mondeo st tdci has over the golf, yours looks nice and clean, i need to colour my alloys too as they are still the factory diamond cut finish and i want them coated before they start getting narly 

mods wise i am going to be fitting lowering springs, most likely a 50mm drop, some spacers to bring the wheels out flush, some focus st brakes (asbo) for better stopping, a straight through pipe, turbo back with 0 boxes and a recaro interior

mods already done are black eye and de tangoed head lights, upgraded to led side lights and 6000k hid bulbs (factory fitted xenons) egr blanked off, interior bulbs and puddle lights all changed to white leds, all the chrome trim on the front is now black, still need to do the chrome on the bottom of the rear lights and outer door handles, the mirrors now fold in when locking the car and the doors auto lock upon moving (anti hijack)

hope that gives you some ideas 

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