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2012 ford focus 1.6 TDCi rough idle after new injector

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Can anyone help me with this ford? She had some issues a few weeks ago going into limp mode and had really bad engine shake at idle. The garage took her in and said it was a new turbo job and injector 2 needed replacing! Anyways the work was done and shes still not happy, going into limp mode at 3k rpm, engine shaking badly at idle and blowing quiet a bit of white smoke when held at 3k rpm.

The garage that took her in originally offered my mate next to nothing to buy the car off him because they reckon the engine has a bent con rod and no compression in cylinder 2 which is the cylinder they played with the injector! Im calling something fishy with the garage because she definitely doesnt sound like a bent con rod thats for sure.

She throws the codes p2598 and p138E when she goes into limp mode which are both to do with the boost controller "A" but i dont know if the engine shake is related to the limp mode issue? 

I was thinking the engine shake is from bad injectors because it goes away over a certain amount of revs? And the limp mode is maybe the pressure converter solenoid, MAP sensor or EGR valve? Im not sure about the white smoke and if its related to the limp mode but i think the coolant level has dropped a little bit aswell but not 100 percent sure! Doesnt that related to a blocked egr valve?

Ive been trying to search the forums for something similar to my issue but i cant find anything so any help would be appreciated!



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Have you got the car yourself?  Compression test would be the first thing to check imo.

White smoke is usually unburnt diesel, so either a faulty injector or no compression if it still does it once up to temperature.  The injectors on these are notoriously bad though, I wouldn't be at all surprised if more than one was faulty.

The turbo's rarely fail on them, was the actual turbo replaced or just a boost pipe/sensor?

It might be white steam rather than smoke, which can come from a leaking EGR cooler, or blown headgasket...if it's the HG it is possible that enough water built up in the cylinder to bend the rod, but not a common fault on these.

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Thanks for the reply! Yeah I have the car at the moment. I find it hard to believe it's the head gasket then because she has never over heated and done 90k miles with full service history so if it's not a common issue surely it cant be bent rod. Also no water in the oil and no oil in the water 

She had a brand new turbo fitted when she had injector 2 changed.

Do you think bad injectors could cause those error codes to come up for the boost controller A? 

I wonder if they changed all the seals on the new injector that they put in because it's strange that they say theres low compression in that cylinder and seals would cause a decrease in compression? 

You think new injectors and seals are my next course of action or clean the egr or change the map sensor and boost solenoid? 🤔🤔


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