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Hello! New here so I thought I'd say hi.

A little bit about myself. I'm a big ol' petrol head with a love for cars and motorsport.

I own and love a Porsche Boxster S, which is my weekend car:



And for a very cheap daily car, I currently (but not for long) drive a very, VERY bog standard MK6 1.4 TDCi Fiesta Finesse. I.e. the very basic you can get, featuring wind up windows!



But it cost me £500, costs £30 a year tax, does 75mpg, has 207,000 miles on the clock and I've driven it from Cardiff to Winchester and back once (sometimes twice) a week whilst my girlfriend was in University there for almost two years, and it's been utterly flawless. I've made sure it's mechanically sound in the time I've used it. It's a perfect cheap runabout, but I fancy something a little nicer to drive every day. Something with more features to make the daily drive easier.

Which leads to now. To replace Suzy (the Fiesta), I'm going to see and potentially buy a daily car that I've put a deposit down on tomorrow morning.

It's a 2011 Focus Titanium in white, with the 1.6 TDCi (115bhp) engine. It's got rear parking sensors, rear electric windows, sat nav, and all the other bits and bobs that the titanium comes with.

Here's the advert photo:


The point of this car is to be a comfortably daily, to have a car that's as economical, comfortable and nice to drive as possible. Considering my weekend car is a 3.2 straight-6 Porsche, a diesel Mk3 Focus Titanium made sense as it's the polar opposite of that car, being a 5 door, lots of space, lots of driving aids, comfy, quiet and economical. Everything that Porsche isn't!

The Focus has 136,000 on the clock, but I'm really not bothered about mileage. I do all of the mechanical work on cars myself, so it will be serviced regularly and very well looked after. The other reason I'm not bothered about the mileage is that it's got a new cam belt, clutch, and brakes, with full service history.

So a quick question: Is there a list that shows all of the equipment that a Titanium comes with? The Parkers website isn't definitive as items like footwell lighting are missing.

If everything goes well with the viewing tomorrow, I'll let you guys know!

Cheers :)

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