2011 1.6 Ti-VCT exhaust advice

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I bought a 61 plate Focus (1.6 Ti-VCT) a few weeks back that at the time of purchase sounded perfect, after a 300 mile trip and a few commutes,I now have a slight blow from the flexi downpipe apparently so my dealer and my mechanic both say. 

My mechanic has told me the price for this part from Ford and pattern parts suppliers and its eyewatering because the car has two catalytic convertors. Ford also advise to fit four new sensors to the exhaust too, which they would wouldn't they? Grrrr. My mechanic, who I trust implicitly, said that in his experience he'd go with Ford as the pattern parts usually fail MOT's within a few years whereas the Ford parts are better made. 

Does anybody know anywhere that makes good pattern parts or perhaps can the flexi just be replaced or repaired in some way?

As a second point I feel that the dealer should contribute to the repair at least but that could go either way as it wasn't blowing when I bought the car so did they know and conceal it somehow or is it just my bad luck in your opinion? Apparently the sale of goods act 2015 says that any car sold by a dealer can be returned for a full refund if a fault appears within 30 days that means the car is unfit for purpose, is this true?


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You will pay more for a genuine Ford one it will have 12 mth warranty and fit perfectly first time , regarding the sensors they may be a pain to remove as they may be seized in or they may be advising as if they are the original ones they may fail sooner rather than later and replacing them at the same time saves you paying for them to be changed at a later date . 

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It's down to the dealer to prove the fault wasn't there at the time of sale within the first 30 days. Unless it had the MOT done on the day of sale, I'd say it would be hard to prove lol. They usually just say it's wear and tear. At 9 years old I'd kind of agree with that tbh.

The sensors usually get seized in so maybe that's why they're quoting for new.

A decent exhaust shop should be able to just weld in a new flexi provided the exhaust piece isn't too rotten.

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