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Hi mentioned on here a couple of days ago my focus went into limp with blocked dpf.

Garage has changed oil/ filter as contaminated from dpf .

Also chemical flush through dpf .

All good now . Last test from cold tomorrow before I pick up.

My driving habit due to job is stop start (window cleaner)

Any recommendations on additives to protect / clean DPF I can regularly use?

I intend to give it a 20min drive or so once a month from now for a full regen to complete

Want to try and keep in good health


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Eolys diesel additive, this fluid lowers the combustion temperature of the fuel so it should burn better, I used this during a regen in September of last year and it worked a treat, keep the revs slightly high between 2500 and 3250 and in fourth gear if you can for at least 40 minutes, if this doesn’t work you will need a forced regen done in a garage with a plug in device to the obd port, you might be able to do it yourself I got mine done in a garage. 
best of luck. 

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