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Hi, my name is TOM and I am new to this site. I am the owner of three mid sixty FORDs I own a 1965 mustang that my father-in-law gave to us as a wedding present. He saw it on a show room floor in April 1965 and bought it for his daughter-my wife. I is a 289 4 speed coupe, tropical turquoise with a white vinyl top. It has never been altered or restored other than an engine rebuild that I did in 1984. Our other car is a 1965 COMET CYCLONE which is also a 289 4spd car wearing a coat of CARNIVAL RED (RANGOON RED). and our third car which is our current project a 1965 289, 4 spd RANCHERO. When I say We I do mean my entire family, two sons and my wife. Our MUSTANG was our grocery getter for the first part of its life and my boys grew and learned to drive in it. The CYCLONE has a somewhat different story. My brother and I bought one together in 1965 which was identical to the one  have now. I was just home from the NAVY when he got drafted. I 1969 he was KIA in combat, I was in college and my mom sold the car. I totally understand why she did although I begged her not to. I vowed that Someday I would build a dupicate CYCLONE which is the one we own now. It took almost 20 years to finish because I am a sticker for correct numbers ut it mirrors in almos every way our 1st CYCLONE. Our RANCHERO is our project car and is now in hiatus since my sons new baby arrived and is dmanding money and attention from dad. soon we will be back on the little "RANCHIE". Anyway I am happy to be part of this forum and look forward to using it.

Thank You and Kind Regards


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