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Leaking Passenger Footwell, Door Seals?


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Hi all, i might as well start from the beginning.

I have recently discovered that i had a water leak in the passenger footwell. I lifted up the foot mats and discovered that the carpet was soaked underneath, with further investigation i found that the passenger rear was in a similar state and i had a small damp patch in the drivers side where the fuel cap release lever is.

I did a bit of research on various forums and found that most people were advising to remove the inside door panels and check the seals that hold the card inside on to the door. I did this simple procedure and found that the sealant was coming away from the top and the bottom, not completley but there were obvious holes, plus i found that the sponge door card at the bottom was soaked in water (just the edge).

I lifted the main carpet right up out of the way and there was puddles of water in the footwell right up to the sound proofing.

I went and brought some more sealant (asda's bathroom selant to be precise) and re-sealed all of the seals that were broken. I am just waiting them to dry, i have the car parked under a shelter out of the rain, i also have the carpet lifted as high as i could get it and have the dreaded task of drying everything out now.

This led me to wonder, why should there be water on the inside of the door panel anyway? how does it initially get in? what does the sealant do, as in does it stop the water from intruding from inside the door or what?

Does anybody else have any input on this problem i have? Is there anyone who thinks it could be something else? my first thoughts were that it was the door seals themselves, but they looked dry?

I may go around for a couple of days (or until its dry) with the air-con blowing heat at the footwells, if this all work i will start on the drivers side, and maybe the o/s/r. (which is actually dry but i can still check the seals)



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the most common water leak in the footwell usually occures when the cover for the pollan filter hasnt been fitted correctley allowing water from the windscreen to bypass the filter housing into the footwell.you often get water inside the doors from the windows thats what the drainage holes in the bottom of the doors are for

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I have leaks into the footwells of my Ford Mondeo

I assumed that water was by-passing the door seal which the door closes against, but 'Deano's" 2008 entry suggests it is coming into the inside of the door past the windows, and the drainholes in the bottom of the door are blocked.

I also get water entering the top of the hatchback lid and filling the top level reversing light, before soaking the floor.

Can someone help please?

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First of all welcome to the Forum.

The drain holes can be cleaned out with a bit of wire and i recommend a good shot of WD40 as well.

The rear leak needs sealing with clear sillicone and the light can be sealed too when dried out.

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Deano, I'm experiencing exactly the same problem. Saturated rear passenger side footwell and wet front passenger side footwell. (See my post in this forum). I replaced the pollen filter and the leak came back. I have pulled up the carpet in the back this morning and discovered that there is a hole in the drainage cap in the footwell. This matches a similar sized hole on the underneath of the car in the same place on the cap. Although you can't put your finger straight through the hole, spraying water underneath the vehicle with a hosepipe confirmed my suspicions and the water started coming through.

Anybody else had this problem, will some gutter sealant on the underneath and inside be a suitable repair?

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Leaky Mondeos!

Just to add a bit more leak tracing you can do...

I had a Mk2 that leaked like a sieve! One winter it got too much and I set about removing the interior and fixing the leaks.

The first one was the pollen filter. As I found, needed to first clean the frame out and then reinstall a new filter the correct way round. Also double check the plastic housing is mounted to the firewall properly. A quick bead of sealant should do the job.

Upon lifting the carpets I had puddles in the front passenger footwell, the drivers footwell and the rear passenger footwell.

The rear passenger one was due to the door rubber not seating correctly on the metal ridge. On shutting the door it would lift off. This as I found was due to the door lock being too far in and causing the door to sit in by about 3-4 mm, enough to push the rubber over.

The rear drivers side I found was due to the rear lights AND the boot rubber being perished. After sealing up both of these a further leak from the rear window wiper motor bushing showed up. I guess someone at some point had replaced the motor but done a bad job of refitting the bushing!

So might be worth also checking those areas. Best of luck!

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