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No engine management and ABS light

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On 3/6/2021 at 5:35 PM, Palal1la said:

When I turn the ignition on there is no engine management and ABS light.

I assume that neither LED lights up at all, which is now an MoT fail.

The most common reason for that is that an unscrupulous garage or previous owner has covered the LEDs with opaque sealant or removed or disabled them in some similar crude way because they keep coming on. A good code reader like Forscan is an absolute essential piece of kit in any situation like this. It costs about £30 (inc adapter) for a phone based system, about £20 if you have a Windows laptop.

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You can use the 'hidden menu' to test LEDs on the cluster.  I suspect, as above, someone has disabled those two somehow.  Not as easy as it used to be with bulbs though, it's generally easier to fix the fault than to break the cluster now!

Also, are you sure you have ABS?  Not all of the early Mk6s did...you might only be missing the EML.


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1 hour ago, FiestaForever said:

Does every mk6 have that re-set button?

It's trim dependant.  The most basic ones don't have a trip computer with range/mpg etc so no button on those.  

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