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Hey Guys

Just wanted to say hello as a new ST owner in the very near future.

A bit if background first.  I've been a huge Renault Sport fan for many years and owned two Clio 16V, an RS Clio 197, an RS Megane 250, and last one was an RS Megane 275.  The latter two with Cup chassis - the essential upgrade!

Problem is that Renault Sport has just about died with a dire sequence of recent cars that all fall woefully short of what us enthusiasts really want.

But, over the last few years, it really has become clear that Ford Performance has taken over that position in the market, developing and selling some of the best drivers' cars on the planet.

So, the point of this post is to say that I now have a new Puma ST on factory order.  The spec. is Fantastic Red, Panoramic Sunroof, and........ yes, the all important Performance Pack.

Blimey, can't wait for this to arrive - should an absolute cracker - and looking forward to many more posts just as soon as it arrives.  Current estimate is around early May, so quite a bit to go yet, but will be well worth the wait!


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Howdo.  Hope you have fun in it.

I had a Clio 182 and loved it.   Tight, low, awesome handling, revvy engine.

I can't quite get my head around an SUV ST.  Surely it's always having to engineer around the fact it's top heavy.

Sorry, realised sounds like I'm trying to rain on your parade but it's a genuine question after looking at your list of proper hot hatches.

Why not a Focus ST?

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