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Hi all, can anybody help? 

I think one of the pullies have gone on the autonator belt

Does anybody know a good place I can take it to be fixed or where i could maybe get the parts? Think its needs the whole altonator belt kit?


Thank you for any help 🙏  

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Hi Terry! Have a look on www.catcar.info  and enter your vin, (dunno if the data goes back as far as the mk1.. 🤞) hopefully if it does you'll see lots of exploded diagrams of your car with the relevant part numbers, called Finis codes, if you can work out what parts you need, make a note of the finis codes then start doing an Internet search! Are you sure it's not just the belt that's snapped? If it is, you're more likely to get a replacement belt than other stuff. Also, go on EuroCarParts Web site, enter your reg, and see if they hold any bits. If they do and you're not in a hurry, they also run an online site called carparts4less which has the same parts but cheaper and often free delivery. There is another forum that might have some expertise called talkford.com that has a mk1 and mk2 section where you can also try asking for advice.  Also, here's a link to the mk1 section of the fordwiki, have a browse thro' the contents.. 


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Hello nicam 🙂 thats some brilliant advice thank you so much! Am definitely going to check that all out and hopefully get some good results! 

The belt hasn't snapped as I can see it, the bearings in one of the pullies has gone I'm pretty sure, sounds like a metally scraping noise. I tried to upload a clip I done on here but it woukdnt let me! 

Thanks again for the advice and information, its really appreciated 👍  I'll let you know how I get on...


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