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Electrics kit for towbar Mk3 St Line Estate

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Got some helpful replies on here about fitting a towbar to my 2016 ST Line Estate and have now easily fitted a Witter detachable with only minor cutout to the bumper. So far so good. Now being driven mad trying to get the right kit. Ford won't advise because they still insist a towbar cannot be fitted to the ST Line. They have finally conceded that they would suggest one model for the estate, and another for the non-estate STLine, but they can't tell me which is more compatible. So, if anyone has working e-kit on a 2016 STLine estate, can you tell me if it is one of the following two ekits?

FINIS 2027773 - eKit
FINIS 2131592 – Trailer module

ST-Line vehicle:
FINIS 2027768 - eKit
FINIS 2131592 – Trailer module

Hoping someone can put me out of my misery.

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Hi Mike, as you can see both kits use the same Trailer module. The difference is the harness wires which are slightly different lenghts due to the position of the lights on the hatchback vereses estate.

The estate kit you have above is for Focus estates, from the end of December 2012 onwards so I would use that.

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thanks for that: makes sense. Now a quick follow up - when I get the right module and kit does it all basically plug in to the existing electics via the rear fusebox? That is my guess from what I can see, but would be good to get a steer. And will I need to get a software update from Ford?


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It should just plug in to the car harness but some cars don't always have the full harness through from the front to the rear. My best guess is with your car it will just plug in.

The car will need its software changed using ForScan to turn on the trailer module. You can do it yourself with a laptop and a ELM327 lead.

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Thanks for the help so far. Slowly getting closer, have now got the electric kit and am installing it, but the instructions could be more helpful!

I need to identify the wire for the brake light going to the left rear cluster. I have narrowed it down to one of three -




there is also a black/white - but I'm pretty sure this is the earth/ return.

I can also see these are the ones in the Haynes wiring diagram, but they are just linked to lights numbered 1 to 3, and I can't see which is which (brakes, headlight, indicator). I tried using a voltmeter but its not picking up any differences (or I'm not using it properly)...


wires pic.jpg

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Hi, I can not be 100% certain due to Fords way of changing colours all the time but it probably:

violet/green = LH tail light

grey/orange = LH rear indicator

violet brown = ??


In the Haynes manual the normal Stop/Tail layout is:

1 = tail light

2= brake light

3 = ground


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Ok.... but if 2 is the brake light, Haynes seems to say that is violet/green? Diagram attached. Sorry if I'm missing something, been looking at this all day.


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where is the 'Key' to the haynes diagram ?

Is this circuit diagram for your exact car or just a Focus ?

At least you have coloured wires, the Focus Mk4 is wired with everything to the lights in Black, which is not helpful.

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thanks for you continued help on this - its much appreciated.

to answer your question - there is no key! and I can't find one online.

I decided that as I was down to three wires I would just cut them in turn until I found the right one! Got it on the second attempt - violet/brown was the winner!

Now all wired up and working - told me straight away that one of the indicators on the trailer was faulty. Thanks for all your help

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