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Kuga 2020 Headlamp Washers

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Hi there,

I'm new to the group and have always had Fords and have never had any serious issues with any of them.

I've had a Kuga 2020 since July 20 and think there may be a minor problem with the headlamp washers, every now and then when I use the washers for windscreen it squirts the headlamps but when it wants to, the Ford Service guy said, bring it in but will have to leave it with them to the software can be updated, lovely!  but you guys might tell me that after a certain time it will wash.



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Sounds normal to me.

The headlight washers only get used occasionally when you do the windscreen washers and the lights are on.

It doesn't do it every time to save on fluid.

I don't know what the exact algorithm is, it's probably a combination of time since it last did it and how many times the windscreen washers get activated before it triggers again.

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@alexp999 is correct the headlight wash does not operate everytime you use the screen wash otherwise you would be for ever filling the tank.

I can only give you a general answer on the frequency on the operation based on other cars I've had. Normally the headlights have to be switched on, and after third use of the screen wash the jets for the lights operate.

There is also a slight time delay count with the use of the screen wash. Using it 3 times in under 30 seconds only counts as one.

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