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Drums To Discs


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I am feeling I could do with some improvement on my brakes. Would it be worthwhile fitting rear discs to a 1.25? What sort of price would this come in at and would the difference be worth the cost?


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did it to my fiesta and yes they are well worth it. the drum brakes i had on before are ok but you could feel under heavy braking the front brake doing the work but after fitting the discs on the back there is a noticible difference mainly on the country roads when you put your foot down cause it gives you that extra piece of mind and gives you the confidence to throw it about a bit more. also means you can upgrade to better pads and discs if you do any engine work to cope with the extra bhp. i think the total for everything came to round £170.

I used ford focus parts and the only parts i found that needed to be modified to make them fit was a little grinding for the handbrake springs on the caliper, widen a hole on the rear left for the abs sensor, cut and file the plastic mount off the abs sensor and had to put a few washers on the threads for the handbrake cable.

I will try and get some pics for you as i might have just scored some ST springs on eBay B)

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I never got round to it no, may well be something to do in the new year as they def need done.

just as bad as me gaz, middle of november i done my conversion :lol: not the best time of year to be working under the car ;)

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