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Screenwash Pipe


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Hi all,

Me again with a new and exciting issue (it's really not but I've got your attention now)

Driving along & put screenwash on as windscreen a little dirty. Nothing happening.

Back works fine, but not front. So I've lifted bonnet & found that when it's closed, the pipe has split where it folds back over on itself on the bonnet (spray works when bonnet up with some leakage from hole in pipe)

So... A new pipe? Any ideas on part number? Guessing PTFE tape wouldn't be suitable due to heat etc

Any ideas on likely cost if done at a garage? In Leeds & would probably use an independent


2011 C-max 1.6 Petrol Titanium 



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Going to have a look tomorrow when there's hopefully better light when wife gets home from work. 

Simple enough, I may just have a go! No time like the present (well tomorrow) to try new things

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I fixed it! 

Went to a known high street car parts shop (it's local & still open when car was available)

Between posting & today, the pipe fully split apart (because I touched it)

1st straight connector was too big (it's a corrugated pipe), so had to buy the smallest they have which was a T connector. Cut the T part off, wrapped in PTFE tape, fit to the pipe, wrapped in PTFE again then a layer or 2 of insulation tape, give a test and omg it worked! Even checked the repair for leakage & nothing!


Thanks @alanfp& @unofix for the push for me to DIY it, honestly I'd have just got someone else to do it, but prompts like that push me to try things. Part of why I joined the forum!

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