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Mondeo Tddi Cuts Out


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I bought a 2001 Mondeo TDDi. After about 2 weeks, it now has a problem.

It starts up fine, first time every time.

Runs for about 3-4 seconds, then dies. Will restart straight away, but only for another 3-4 seconds each time.

Fault code says Fuel Pump Secondary low.

The immobiliser seems to be disarming correctly.

There seems to be an electric lift pump under the car just in front of the fuel tank, but there's no power being fed to it, and when i do feed power to it, it doesn't run. Seems to be there for no reason, because no Mondeo, Transit ot Jaguar with this engine I've seen before ever had an electric lift pump (I'd remember, cos they're a b*****d to bleed!).

Any ideas folks?

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I've checked the relay under the battery - it appears to be for the injection pump. When I disconnect it, the car won't start at all. When I reconnect it, the injection pump makes solenoid type noises. When I bridge it out, the car still doesn't start (odd!).

The lift pump beside the tank never worked, even when the car was running fine. I changed the fuel filter and it was the usualy b***h to bleed after it.

Even when I supply this pump with 12v, it still doesn't run.

Something really bizarre is going on.

I've checked all the fuses I can find - there aren't any hidden ones (like a Transit?) are there?

Thanks again, but need more suggestions!

Anyone know exactly what this 'fuel pump secondary low' is supposed to mean?

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Well, I'm getting somewhere.

Replacing a fuse next to the battery restored the car to running properly again. There is now a supply to the lift pump, but the lift pump is not running.

If I leave the pump connected, the fuse blows again after 5-10 minutes. If I leave it disconnected, everything's fine.

So obviously this fuse supplies something more important than just the fuel pump!

Car runs now, I'll replace the lift pump and all should be fine.

Thanks for your help folks.

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Hi im abit new to this site lol i dont even know if this post will show up or if im posting in the right place but i seem to be having the same problems as you just wondering if you ever did get to the bottum of the problem and if so what was it that caused the problem many thanks in advance

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