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2.0 Tdci Diesel Clatter - Normal Or Not?

Bill Badger

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My 2005 Mondeo TDCi runs well but in town driving there is a noticable amount of clatter when pulling away under light load. This sound is similar to pinking. The car has done just under 70,000 and has been regularly serviced, with the last being about 3,000 miles ago. I did have the injectors reset but it didn't seem to make much difference.

Anyone suffered similar noises?

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ive just brought a tdci the day before yesterday and i have a simila noise. but the person (seamed quite honest) told me that a belt needed changing and also included it with sale. the noise you might be hearing though could be down to general diesel engine noise! sorry i cant be much help other than that.


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when you say reset do you mean recoded?, i had the same noise on my mondeo,after removing the injectors and testing it turned out that all the injectors had failed on low load fuel delivery,i'm not saying this is your problem but it does sound injector related.mine failed at 38,000 miles delphi injectors are VERY troublesome.if the aux belt had gone you would get a drumming sound on tickover which goes away at 1000RPM.

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