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Few Electrical Issues - Advice Needed


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Hi all,

I am new to the forum, first post so bare with....

I have recently bought an 03 Focus 1.6 Zetec; and have since noticed a few small problems:

I firstly notice that one of the dash bulbs had gone, which was no problem, I have replaced the bulb and that works fine.

Since then I have noticed a few things:

1) The rear window heater only seems to work on the top half of the window

2) The intermitant wiper control is faulty, when I press the stork down for a single wipe, I let go and the wipers are left wherever they are on the window at the time, same happens when I select intermitant wipe (stork up one position)

3) Cold starts - The engine will start on one turn, but not smoothly, it give a 'hesitant' sound, sometimes with the odd squeak of the aux belt

4) Once warm (off-choke), when idling, the headlights and interior lights dim/flicker ever so slightly every few seconds and the heaters blow slower

So with all these problems highlighted, I have assumed the wiper relay switch needs changing, maybe a fuse to fix the rear window heater or perhaps a break in the connection and the idle control valve may need a good clean or replacing. But something has happened to cause all of this, I was wondering if I should point the finger to the alternator or battery, this is where my very basic knowledge comes to an end, so need any and all suggestions from all you Ford boffins out there.

If you are still reading now, well done!

Any help appriciated, thanks in advance,


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1) is it only the top 2 or 3 bars on the rear window working?? if it is i think it mihgt need a rear screen as the bars might be damaged in the creen

2) there is a relay in the fusebox for the wipers (i forget which one) which controls the one touch wipe function might be cause of ur wiper problem

3)there might be an update for ur pcm for poor idling

4) is the air con turned on? may cause excess load on engine so not generating quite enough electicity hense dip in lights/fan speed

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