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Hi All

Hoping someone can help with matching a finis number please??

Finis number is 1615495 and the part number is 81AB B51916 DAJE

It's a brand new Genuine Ford Headlining in it's original box which came with a job lot of various Ford spares we got from an auction a few years ago, but amongst other items, was not needed for our project.

It's dark blue, the perforated hole type, and has one roof bar/hoop seam-welded in but no cut-outs for windows/doors.

I have tried the Ford Dealers but they tell me they have nothing going back that far.... (1981-ish by the 81AB bit ot the part no.???)

One suggestion was that its been superceded and indicating it was Shark Grey colour. Is that actually grey or blue, as mine is definitely blue!!

I'm thinking along the lines of MK3 Escort but any info would be very helful....

Many thanks


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