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Mk 4 Rear Window Washer Problem

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Hi Everyone

I am having a problem with the rear window washer not spraying on the window but onto the spoiler. Its the Titanium X spec and the washer fluid seems to come out in a flat fan like spray and hit the spoiler, sometimes it changes its mind and they work as it should ( i assume ) and trickles down the back window and is brilliant but 95% of the time it doesnt work. If i pull the lever in short sharp pulls then maybe 1 out of 10 times it will work but its becoming a real pain, its been like it since i have had it and am not sure if its supposed to do this or not.

Can anyone help ?

Thanks, Ben

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chances are then it'll be the pump, these are twin operation pumps ie work both ways, one way to wash the front screen and the other way to wash the rear screen, as you can imagine the fins will be getting worn.

for the record my rear washer dont work either, but I dont bother useing it anyway.

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