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What Does Your Mk3 Fiesta Look Like?? (Modified Or Not)


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mine is a standard 1.3 in desperate need of a good clean and buffering


i only just put a sub and amp in the back but thinking of taking it out as it is a bit too big lol


Thats a nice lil runner m8, just one question though! Wats with the tailpipe? LOL

That sub and amp is pretty similar to the one i had in me nova! Rattles the interior loose though! :lol:

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Hi all,

Recently bought amp and sub from a mate who is helping me install it, only he cannot find a hole for the power cable to go from the battery through to the interior of the car.

Please help because i dont want this purchase to be a waste of money!

We have looked all over for an opening and cant find one.

Thanks in advance


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