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Fiesta TDCi


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With no responses to this previously I will try again as while the car drives ok it's just not right. Other TDCi fiesta's leave me standing. Ford want the car booked in to run checks but I would rather try the obvious 1st.

I am convinced that the car is lacking power. Particularly accelarating it seems to drop at 3000 rpm.

The car has been to Ford who say there is nothing wrong but did a software update and supposedly road tested. The car seems fine at lower revs but I am not convinced there is not an issue.

Does anyone know if disconnecting the air flow meter should be noticable when driving? I ask as I used to have a Galaxy TDi and it had Air Flow meter problems and when it was disconnected the difference was considerable once the meter was working.

Advice welcome.



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Worth remembering mate, the diesel engine delivers its bulk power between 1500 revs and 2800. Its quite normal for a diesel to start losing its legs at 3000 rpm. Don't forget the limiter is set to 4,500.

Much appreciated and I agree about the bulk of the power, However, I am prett sure that it is not driving the way it was when I 1t bought it. I dont use it daily but when I do it just seems to be a bit off the pace. Everytime I convince myself it's fine I end up behind another one and it puuls away from me with ease on accelaration.

Might just have to bite the bullet and put nto the dealer!!!! :-(

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