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Aftermarket Wheels For Mondeo


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Dear all,

I'm from Italy and I own a 2010 Mondeo (facelift version, four doors, TDCi 163 Hp) which fits standard alloy

wheels (8"x18", ET=55) with 235/45-18" tyres (while the old 2007

version fitted 235/40-18" tyres).

Considering that I fitted Eibach springs (30 mm lowering) if I install

8.5"x18" ET=40 wheels could I have rubbing problems between tyres

and wheel arches or can I fit these wheels on my car without problems?

I found a lot of image in the web-site with this setup, but all these Mondeos fitted 235/40-18" (pre-facelift versions) while I don't find nothing about 2010 version (facelift, 235/45-18" tyres).

My doubt is about rubbing between tyres and wheel arches for the excessive tyre "height" (/45 instead of /40).

Please help me in this topic, because I'm ordering the new wheels (Tomason TN1).

Many thanks for your kindness!

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Dear all,

I have just installed Tomason TN1 (8.5x18" ET=40) wheels with 235/45-18 tyres on my MK4 Mondeo (facelift 2010 version).

All is ok and the look of my Mondy is fantastic!!!!!

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