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V High Oil Use 5000Miles 2L Petrol


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I would appreciate advice on a Mondeo I bought from a Ford dealer last Friday. 2011 Mondeo Zetec Sport Estate 2l petrol, 5000 miles. Delighted - except oil consumption of 1litre in 300miles. I removed oil filler cap with engine on idle and the gas flow almost blew my hand off - more here than the exhaust!

Obviously still under warranty but no idea how long previous owner ran with oil light on.

Dealer is taking car back and will rectify. My concern is what else might have been damaged and how do I make sure I get the car I thought I bought? I plan to keep the car long term - having run previous car (Vectra) 13 years and 173k miles (on a petrol).

Also what fuel consumption should I get from a normal motorway run? It said 33mpg. I had hoped for better - suppose not helped by the engine fault?

Comments much appreciated.


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I've got an 06 2.0l petrol Mondeo Titanium. I get about 34mpg average around town and going to and from work 25 mile round trip on stop start motorway driving. I get 40 plus if i take it steady on a run down to Hitchin from Leeds. If i floor it when i get a !Removed! in a diesel BMW or A4 up my backside it drinks the stuff. The wifes Suzuki Grand Vitara does an average of 22 so i aint complaining about the Mondeo.

As for oil consumption, i think what you have is a bit excessive, but new engines do use a bit of oil until it has bedded itself in and sealed the piston rings into the bores etc. Mine has 55k on the clock, i have only had it 4 months or so, and it uses no oil.


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