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Mk3 Mondeo


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My uncle has recently offered me a Mk3 Ford Mondeo. I'm not 100% sure on the age, colour, spec, etc, but all I do know is, it's a 1.8 engine. He's offered it to me for a grand total of £0.00 purely because he owns a garage, had it in with head gasket failure, fixed it but hasn't been able to shift it. I currently drive a 2001 1.6 Rover 25 which I enjoy, but like any car of it's age, it has a few issues which need sorting. I plan to therefore take the Rover off the road and fix it's minor issues whilst using the Mondeo, then once the Rover is fixed, give the Mondeo to my dad to replace his constantly breaking '98 Mk2 Mondeo 1.8 LX.

Just want to know really if there's anything I need to look out for with the 1.8 engine and the Mk3 in particular.


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Im not aware of any issues with the Duratech engine. In fact Im surprised to hear that the head gasket had gone on it.

Its chain driven, so no cambelt to worry about.

Are you sure? My parents own a 1.8 Mondeo Mk2, it's had it's head gasket go 3 times. Quite odd really, but it happens.

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