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Ford Mondeo Titanium X Service Help Please


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i could do with some help please,

my car is just around the 55.000 mile mark and although it has not told me yet it needs a service i suspect that it is due so i would like to know if anyone can tell me if they know any good ( honest ) dealers in the birmingham area that i could get to do the service on my car.

i also have another issue that you maybe able to help with i have not had my car long but i have noticed it is super heavy on petrol i know i am driving the 2.3 petrol but even so it still seems heavy. for example i puit £35 in the tank the other day and drove a 160 mile motorway trip and by the end of this i needed to refill, can anyone tell me if this is right or if i do have and issue and if i do what it could be please,

thank for any help


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I cant help with a garage, but your fuel consumption seems a litle high, though I cant really comment on it as I dont know what speed you where doing on the motorway, also the fuel gauge may be reading low if the tank is low if you see what I mean.

The only way to check your fuel consuption is to brim the tank, take a note of your mileage, drive about for a 100 miles or more refill the tank and note the mileage do the maths and you will have an accurate account of your consumption

Hope that helps a bit

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